An immersive new way to learn language.
The natural way.

Features Overview

eloquī is a versatile, algorithmic machine-learning.. well, machine.
It is capable of instantaneously translating your boring old text; that's so '90s.
Step your game up with its immersive visual learning software.

Protect Yourself

Don't you want to learn language naturally and efficiently without the pitfalls of traditional methods?

Artificial Intelligence

We are constantly updating both our proprietary deep machine learning algorithms & datasets to optimize camera-based translations on the fly.

Text Translation

Use the scrollable mini-text translator for translating abstract ideas.

Thousands of Categories

Our software is designed to detect, recognize, and translate objects in over 1,000 diverse categories. Pretty neato if you ask us.

Why Learn Another Language?

The choice seems pretty straightforward.

But we are biased, so decide for yourself.

Learning another language doesn't simply provide you with a competitive advantage in your career; achieving mastery of another language provides one with a personal sense of accomplishment that is quite unparalleled.

In addition to personal fulfillment and aside from career development, foreign language acquisition provides a unique sense of cultural enrichment; we aren't just talking about enveloping one's self within foreign culture either. Acquiring a foreign language inevitably exposes one to foreign culture which in turn lets one question his or her own personal idealogy regarding the global stage in conjunction with what one has learned from being introduced to another way of life.

The ability to communicate with others of another tongue is rewarding philosophically, personally, pecuniarily, and personably.

We like to call that a trifecta.

Also, try saying that alliteration five times fast.


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The best way to learn a language.

  • Real Time Object-Detection Camera
  • 50+ Languages Supported
  • Mini-Text Translator
  • Free Access - Features Under Development


"eloquī just absolutely blows me away.
As someone who is already bilingual, having gone through self-taught foreign language study accompanied by traditional higher education, I find this app extremely intuitive for both novices and advanced speakers alike; a true swiss-army knife for translations of any kind and would make for an excellent tool for travellers. Three thumbs up."

Zach S.,
Polyglot, Business Professional

"eloquī is undoubtedly one of the most versatile, and more importantly,
one of the most accurate translation apps I've ever tried."

Lorin P.,

"I've been around the world; Africa, Europe, South America, and I've got to admit.. I'm impressed by this eloquī's translation capabilities.

Patricia W.,

"As a banking professional who is blessed to have the opportunity to speak with a multitude of people from all walks of life, eloquī has helped me bridge the language barrier through immersive learning."

Joyce P.,
Banking Professional

"As a graduating college student, I can honestly say I wish that eloquī had been released sooner; I would have aced every exam. I'm really looking forward to diving deeper into this immersive software to continue to help others in my professional career."

Nicole J.,
Future Doctor, Graduate Student

Exclusive to
iPhone & iPad

Coming soon to Android devices